17 Benefits of Playgrounds

A playground is not just a bunch of equipment; it is an entirely new and exciting world for children to explore as they grow and learn with every obstacle they face and peer they play with.

At Kidstuff Playsystems, we create playground equipment for schools that hold so many benefits for growing young minds:


Two young children happy on playground bridge1. Nurtures brain development

Free play is a major factor when it comes to neurological development in a child.

Playgrounds allow children to practice everything they are learning and help to determine exactly how their neural circuits are mapped out, strengthening their intelligence and confidence.


2. Promotes social skills

There are certain social skills that kids learn within the classroom, but often they are limited in the ways they can explore and grow these skills.

On a playground, kids are exposed to situations and obstacles that translate into valuable lessons. From learning about social norms to sharing and cooperation, a playground’s open environment holds opportunity for kids to experiment with their social skills.


3. Facilitates group interaction

It makes sense that a playground would be the perfect place to practice social skills—there are always friends to play with and new peers to meet!

Kids need group interaction to learn and mature. Luckily, there’s plenty of it at the playground. Playing games, collaborating to solve problems, and just simply taking turns on the swings are all working towards fostering a child’s social skills.


Child playing on swinging rings on playground4. Builds up strength

What better way to build up strength than scaling a fun rock wall or testing your limits on the monkey bars?

Growing kids need a place to reinforce their physical attributes helping to develop a solid core and improve motor skills.


5. Cognitive learning

It’s not just about building physical strength and exercising the mind; a playground allows for the development of a child’s cognitive skills like problem-solving, memory, and imagination.


6. Increases academic performance

The multitude of benefits that a playground presents doesn’t stop at the front doors of your elementary school. Several studies have shown that physically active students see an increase in test scores and overall academic performance.


7. Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Daily exercise is necessary for growing bodies and minds. Playing helps lessen the risk of obesity, stimulate brain activity, and improve the circulation of water, oxygen, and glucose to the brain.


Children playing with a discovery panel8. Offers freedom of imagination…

Playground equipment for schools is built specifically to pique the interest and exercise the minds of young children.

Every theme, color, and obstacle that is included in a playground site works together to urge young minds to think outside-of-the-box and explore their boundless imaginations.


9. …as well as physical freedom

Taking a break from the classroom and getting time outside gives school-age children the opportunity to be free. Studies have shown that teachers see a noticeable change in attitude, behavior, and motivation when they include recess in their classroom routine.


11. Another place to learn

Having fun and running around on a playground is anything but a waste of time.

You are presenting growing children with completely new obstacles that can’t be found in a classroom, teaching them lessons about sharing, compassion, and taking risks.


Toddler playsystem10. Not limited by economic or social status

A playground is an accepting environment, void of biases or limitations based on family life and income.

Here, a kid is just a kid, with no societal pressures keeping them from learning and having fun!


13. Absolute inclusion

There are no limitations when it comes to an inclusive playground. With the right equipment, surfaces, and an intelligent design, a playground is a space that is accessible to all kids.

We are not focused on disabilities—more the abilities that every child has to learn from playing and grow from exploring on a play system constructed to meet every students’ needs.


12. Engages all senses

A playground offers a multisensory experience that plays a major role in building a child’s brain and understanding of the world more efficiently.

With a wide variety of playground equipment that you can choose from to design your ideal system, you have the opportunity to exercise the senses through visual, auditory, and tactile elements.


14. More time outside

Vitamin D and fresh air are necessary, no matter your age!

Get kids outside to soak in those rays and explore in a much bigger environment.


Child playing on turning bar

15. Get away from technology

Modern day technology is slowly becoming a norm in the day-to-day of school-age children. And although technology is such an amazing resource and tool for these growing minds, it is essential to get away from the screens from time to time.


16. Supports emotional growth

Kids are constantly experimenting with their emotions and what better way to face your fears and find joy than at a playground?


17. Builds self-esteem

Children are risk-takers, willing to test their boundaries with anything and everything.

A playground boasts a smorgasbord of different challenges for children to take on, giving them more opportunities to overcome obstacles and as a result, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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