Playground Safety Surfacing - Rubber Mulch & Surface

Kids playing on a playground on safety surface

Poured in Place

  • Mixed on site and installed by professionals
  • Smooth and seamless installation
  • More expensive option, but requires less long-term maintenance
  • Can incorporate a variety of colors or designs
  • Very Accessible

Kids playing on a playground on artificial turf

Artificial Turf

  • Looks like Natural Grass
  • Comes with or without “infill” (tiny rubber balls)
  • 10-15 year life span
  • Very low maintenance


Rubber Tiles

  • Low Maintenance
  • Does not deteriorate or get carried off
  • Must be installed over a hard surface
  • More Durable and less expensive than Poured in Place


Engineered Wood Fiber

  • Wood Mulch manufactured specifically for ADA accessibility
  • Good Cushioning at 8-9″ depths
  • Requires borders or sunken pit for containment
  • Requires topping off every few years
  • Biodegradable


Loose Rubber

  • Made of recycled tires and does not deteriorate
  • No splinters or slivers
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Good cushioning at 6″ depth
  • Requires borders or sunken area for containment