About Our Warranty

Your Kidstuff Playsystems playground unit has a limited 21 year warranty.

In year one and two, your Kidstuff Playsystem is 100% under warranty against any defect in workmanship or materials not covered by Routine Maintenance. Kidstuff will, at its cost, repair or replace any item that fails (except S-Hooks) in your system. If you have a failure in the first or second year please contact your representative or Kidstuff Playsystems.

In year three thru twenty-one Kidstuff Playsystems warrants the basic components of your playsystem on a prorated basis. For example, if a part or all of your playsystem fails in year twelve you would receive 50% credit of the original price of the part or the system toward a new part or system. Shipping and installation is an owner’s expense during this portion of the warranty.

We at Kidstuff Playsystems take pride in our product and believe that if you follow the maintenance system we send you, your Kidstuff Playsystem will be exercising the minds and bodies of children for years to come and you’ll be telling your friends and associates that you can’t buy a better, safer or tougher playsystem than a Kidstuff Playsystem.

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