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Kids are not about Social Distancing.  It’s one of the really great things about them.  But right now it’s important, for them, and for the people they love and come in contact with, that they maintain personal space.  More, because the virus can live for days on plastic and steel. it’s important that we pay more attention than ever to keeping play equipment clean until the worst of this pandemic has passed.  And it will pass.  Be patient, be careful, and take care of our kids.


As a regular maintenance issue, address the cleaning of playgrounds and recreation areas. The Centers for Disease Control website is the best location to go for current information and best practices. The CDC publishes Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations that provides guidelines on cleaning surfaces, and we recommend that you follow these recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting all playground surfaces.

We have tested several different types of cleaners and disinfectants on the various playground surfaces, such as PVC, powder coated steel and aluminum, plastic, rope and rubber and we do not anticipate any issues with cleaners causing harm to Kidstuff playground equipment.

We love swings and slides and climbing equipment.  We make it, after all.  We provide the fun and safe challenges and healthy exercise that are important to preschoolers and grade school kids alike.  We’re glad to see school yards and playgrounds full of happy, healthy kids again.  Keeping the equipment clean is a way to help keep them that way.

— By the way, now is a GREAT time to be planning a playground.  New equipment could be in within weeks, ready when the crowds really come back.

— Kidstuff Playsystems


Kidstuff Playsystems

When you work with Kidstuff Playsystems, you are dealing directly with the owners.

We design, manufacture, and powder-coat all of our playsystems at our facility in the U.S.A.

Kidstuff Playsystems is an IPEMA-certified manufacturer of playground equipment with over 35 years of experience!

We have IPEMA-certified and ADA compliant commercial playground equipment for parks, schools, day care centers, churches, apartment complexes, Head Starts, homeowners associations, campgrounds, new developments, and resorts. We can also custom design commercial playground equipment to fit your needs.

Planning a commercial playground is a big process, but we’d be happy to help. Call us at (800) 255-0153, to be connected to one of our local sales representatives, or to one of our dealers located throughout the US.

We offer installation, maintaining a nationwide network of qualified installers.

We also provide a wide array of safety surfacing.

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