Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Think back to some of your favorite childhood memories and try to count how many take place on a playground. Competitions on the swings to see who can get the highest; tumbling down your favorite tall slide and running back up the ladder do it over and over again; the moment you finally reached that last monkeybar. In one day, hundreds of kids might use the same equipment.

THAT’s what “Commercial Playground Equipment” means.  Playground equipment that is made strong enough and tough enough to hold up to constant use in public places – Parks, Schools, Day Cares, Campgrounds, places where a lot of kids play, and play hard, on the equipment.

At Kidstuff Playsystems, it’s our mission to ensure that kids throughout the country get the opportunity to have fun and stimulate their minds outside safely on affordable, commercial-grade equipment that will last.  After all, it’s in our name – Kids’ Tuff … get it?

Affordable Commercial Playgrounds For Parks, Schools, Daycare Centers & More!

Since we broke into the commercial playground industry in 1982, we’ve been providing top-tier certified  commercial playground equipment to community spaces of all kinds. We design and manufacture every one of our playsystems ourselves to meet the highest possible standards of safety, enrichment, and of course, fun!

Our playgrounds and commercial play equipment are perfect for a wide variety of locations, including city, state, town and village parks, and every kind of school, whether preschool or elementary, public, charter or private.

We also provide to child cares, day cares, youth development centers, Head Start and Early Head Start programs. And we work directly, or through our dealers with homeowners associations, apartment complexes, resorts and campgrounds, and have contracts several government and non-profit purchasing cooperatives. Really, our playgrounds go everywhere there are children.

Types of Commercial Outdoor Playground Equipment

Once you’ve decided that you want to upgrade your property with one of our commercial  playsystems, the next step is choosing which equipment, features, and amenities you want to use to bring  your playground to life. Kidstuff Playsystems offers a wide variety of traditional, modern, and leading popular commercial playground equipment for an unparalleled value. Our professional installation teams can set you up with:

Climbing Walls
Overhead Ladders
Monkey Bars
Spring Bouncers
Trash Receptacles
Accessible Equipment
Swing Sets
Quad Climbers

Balance Events
Climbing Structures
Spring Riders
Crawl Tubes
Musical Instruments (shakers, bongos, & conga drums)
Jungle Gyms
Activity Panels
Steering Wheels

Tire Runs
Parallel Bars
Fitness Centers
Obstacle Courses
Bridges & Decks
Hand Sanitizer Stations & Picnic Tables
Stairways & Ramps
Sun Shades


Our Commercial Playground Equipment Categories

Why Choose Kidstuff Playsystems’ Playground Equipment?

When you work with Kidstuff Playsystems to build the perfect playground, you can feel confident that every piece of equipment we provide you is manufactured to the highest commercial  quality and health and safety standards possible. All of our commercial playground equipment is designed, manufactured, and powder-coated right here in our U.S. facility. Every piece is IPEMA-certified, ADA compliant, and comes with a warranty included.

Our owners will work with you directly every step of the way from design to installation to ensure the playsystem we create best fits your needs and matches your vision. Whether something catches your eye in one of our catalogs or you require custom-designed playground equipment for your facility, we are happy to do whatever it takes to make your commercial playground a reality.

To learn more about nationwide commercial playground equipment, design, and installation from Kidstuff Playsystems, give us a call at 800-255-0153 today to be connected to a local representative. We look forward to showing you what makes our play- systems unbeatable in quality, safety, value, and fun!