ADA Compliant Playground Equipment

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides equal access features in publicly-used facilities, including playground equipment. Kidstuff Playsystems is committed to following, promoting, and rising above these guidelines to make play something for EVERYONE!

So every Kidstuff Playsystems, Inc. playsystem has wheelchair access, either by wheelchair transfer points or by ramp or both.  We make sure that there are at least as many ground-accessible play events as are required to balance your elevated events.  More than half of all elevated play events are always on an accessible path.  We only provide surfacing that meets the accessibility standards.

Your Kidstuff Playsystems sales representative will design with you a playground that is 100% ADA compliant in regard to both the playsystem and the required ground level events.

For a copy of the Access Board’s Final Rule, call (800) 872-2253, press 2, then 2, and request publication S-39 (Play Areas Final Rule). Also, free of charge is the “Technical Assistance Guide to Play Areas.” Both documents can be downloaded from their website here.

A listing of particularly wheelchair-friendly play equipment may be downloaded by clicking on the photos below.

Children with disabilities playing on accessible playsystems