Playground Equipment for Schools

School is meant for learning and exploration, and sometimes that means breaking through the boundaries of the modern-day classroom. It’s time to embrace the benefits of learning outside the classroom—outside!

And what better way to do so than with a sustainable and inclusive playground?

Invest in Learning with a School Playground

5-12 PlaysystemKids, especially in the 5-12-age-group, need a playground that is encouraging of their development and growth.

As they learn about their new abilities and discover their skills, they can turn to a fun and challenging playground that will not only exercise their minds but help them build strength and endurance.

Over the years, playground equipment has become more advanced, sustainable and safe.

With our background in education, our team of innovators have been able to design and build state-of-the-art playsystems for schools, early learning centers, community churches and parks across the nation.

If you’re getting ready to plan a playground, you can find some essential steps you must take here!

Our Playground Equipment for Schools

At Kidstuff Playsystems Inc., we have a variety of playground equipment for schools that will meet the needs of all your students.

· Climbers

two young students playing on playground· Activity Panels

· Slides

· Swings

· Musical Instruments

· Horizontal & Vertical Ladders

· Monkey Bars

· Tunnels

· Bridges

· Stairways & Ramps

Check out our guide to playground equipment names for more help!

Benefits of Playgrounds for Elementary Schools

Playgrounds hold a multitude of benefits for kids of all ages but are proven to enhance the learning experience and exploration of students in elementary schools.

5-12 PlaysystemsIncrease Physical Activity

An active lifestyle is paramount to nurturing an active mind.

Unfortunately, not every child between the ages of five and 12 are presented the opportunity to play outside in their home life or participate in sports.

A playground allows educators the chance to bring students outside, increasing overall physical activity for their students.

Support Youth Development

From advancing motor skills to nurturing a child’s cognitive abilities, youth development happens in and out of the classroom.

Our playground equipment presents a growing brain with problem-solving activities and sensory stimulation, as well as a growing body with obstacles to overcome and a safe way to build strength.

Establish Self-Confidence

Playgrounds offer several different challenges to students, encouraging growing minds to take risks—safely, of course!

These risks help them to overcome certain obstacles that were holding them back, allowing them to feel a sense of accomplishment, building up their confidence and self-esteem.

school children on a playgournd firetruckGrow Social Skills

Collaboration and group interaction are key for elementary school students. A playground allows for just that, creating an environment that fosters teamwork, creativity and communication—all important social skills that will help the child as they mature.

Enhance Academic Work

When students take a break from their routine and spend time exercising their bodies and minds, it makes a noticeable difference within the classroom.

There is value in fresh air, group interactions, and outdoor learning experiences that a playground can bring to an elementary school, and it can be seen in the students’ increased motivation and higher grades.

Encourage Fun in Learning!

Designed with each age group in mind, a playground’s purpose is to provide more opportunities for students to learn and grow—and it just so happens to be fun!

Did You Know…

• 97 percent of teachers see an improvement in behavior from students who tend to have poor behavior

• 95 percent of teachers see an improvement in students’ social skills

• 60 minutes of physical activity is recommended by the CDC for 6-17-year-olds

• 20 percent more likely to earn a higher grade in math and English

Young children on tire swingSchool Playground Safety

Our top priority when designing and building top-of-the-line playground equipment for schools is safety.

From the sustainable and durable materials we utilize to preparing a proper playground surface for kids to play on, we follow the rules set forth by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

Our playground equipment must not only meet the IPEMA guidelines, but meet our personal safety standards, as well.

At Kidstuff Playsystems, we create IPEMA certified playgrounds that ensure safety and nurture young minds.

Every surface is thick yet forgiving, adhering to weight requirements and softening a child’s fall. The overall design of our play systems caters to the size of playground equipment used and the proportions appropriate for the designated age group.

Let Kidstuff Playsystems Help

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