We have had to reach out to a number of vendors for a variety of things. You would be surprised at the variety of information we have been getting. . .literally no scale or reference. Hands down, you all have been the best and most helpful.

Bill Meyers, Leathers Associates

Great!  Thank you so much for your help.  The mayor came by this morning and says it looks AWESOME.

Jason Guillory, Teacher's Pet

Thank you SO much for the quick response as well as the playground options.  You are a magician!

Annie Bosch, Wayfair B2B

I have no words! You are just FANTASTIC!  You are absolutely incredible [and] I am going to present all the options to our team.  Laura, I’d especially like to thank you for taking your time to create all the different and fun playgrounds and even [customizing] designs to us.  You are amazing.

Ewelina Zyskowska, Hampshire Assets

You are amazing.   You are one of the best suppliers I have ever had interaction with while working at Wayfair for five years.  Thanks again!

Marissa Hales, Wayfair

BTW – the local county inspectors came to look at the structure.  The county was VERY impressed by the surfacing and gave it 5 Thumbs Up  !!

Steve Pearlman, Hetrz Furniture

Oh my gosh, this is beautiful.  You Rock!  Thank you so much.

Marilyn Davis, Hertz Furniture

You’re the best!  Thank you for handling this and reassuring us that all is OK.  Such good news.

Margo, Lincoln Christian Academy

The children are loving the playground at Valley School.  We have allocated another playground this year.  Could you send me the literature…so I can pick out another grouping?  I am hoping to have it in this fall.

Tanya Loomis, Addison Central School District

Thanks so much! Your customer service is impeccable! I really appreciate it.

Mrs. Barrett

By the way — the install crew was awesome! What a great bunch of guys. Would welcome them back anytime!

Vinny Smith, Elbridge Elementary

[The Custom Design]…looks good to me. Thanks for all the work; the look of relief in the customer’s eyes was a thing of beauty. All due to you.

Bruce Dudek, Jack Golden Associates

This was so worth the wait. The detail, the suggestions, the drawings and plans laid out are amazing!! Thank you Laura for listening and helping our small, private Christian School.

Lori Hill, Community Christian School

I would like to thank George McGuan for all his help in making our playground a safe system for our residents. We appreciate you taking the time and coming to New York. The Director loves the train!

ACS, New York City

I am so happy to say that the playground equipment and safety surface are installed and look fantastic! Everyone I’ve spoken with thinks it’s a huge improvement. Thanks again for all your help, guidance, and insider-info on the best way we should handle this project. I will highly recommend Kidstuff and particularly Laura to anyone asking!

Vanessa Patient, Elim Springs Park, Illinois

I wanted to let you know having Bill as our Supervisor was AMAZING!!! He was extremely knowledgeable, instructed groups both large and small, had everyone working together, and was able to get the playground built in the time allotted. He was top notch and exceeded my expectations.

RFK Children's Center

Belle Chasse Academy inquired with Kidstuff about a special tool that we could not source locally or on the internet. I was passed on to Shannon Smith, I only had to begin to describe my problem and by the end of the sentence he was placing it in the mail today. You are very fortunate to have such great people on your team.

Belle Chasse Academy
Kidstuff Playsystems Inc