Built-In Sun Shelters

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Kidstuff Playsystems offers sun shelters built-in to its playsystems. Advantages over freestanding shade are both saving money and eliminating posts on the playground which can be a navigation hazard. These “play towers” come in a variety of sizes but most commonly 18’ x 18’. More than 1 sun shelter can be installed on a large playsystem. To accommodate the high wind load requirements, we beef up the thickness of the steel for the posts and provide extra-large footings with concrete. Because of those special requirements, it is difficult and expensive to retrofit to an existing playsystem. Purchase the shade on the front end to avoid extra expenses later.

Sun shade protects children from harmful UV radiation, lowers the temperature under it and is rated for winds in excess of 120 mph. Fabric is high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. All connecting points are triple reinforced. Fabric is warranted for 10 years.

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