Freestanding Sun Shelters

Model: Model number will vary by size. Please contact us for more information.

Required Space: Freestanding sun shelters must have their feet outside the play equipment use zone. Space will vary depending on model. Please contact us for more information.


Sun shelters are frequently installed on the playground to provide shade. They can be installed over picnic tables, over a grassy area where children might rest or receive some academic instruction or over play equipment. As described elsewhere, when installed as the equipment is installed, “built-in” shade reduces the number of posts in the ground and reduces the overall cost of the project. But if shade is desired after the equipment is installed, it is more feasible and economical to install freestanding shade, rather than to try to retrofit the playsystem.

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Digital design of large blue shade shelters over 2 playsystems
Playsystem at a school with blue and yellow shade shelters digitally in picture